Volume & Issue: Volume 6, Issue 6 - Serial Number 31, January and February 2022 



Pages 1-1

Scientific Views

The need to pay serious attention to "drylands" in the production of fodder and medicinal plants

Pages 7-24

Javad Motamedi; Adel Jalili; Morteza Khodagholi; Rostam Khalifehzadeh; Fateme Sefidkon; Hossein Arzani

Scientific Letters

Brassicaceae family in Iran

Pages 51-63

Saeedeh Sadat Mirzadeh Vaghefi; Mohammad Mahmoodi

Effect of fire on density and vegetation composition in wooded rangelands of Vanon Khalkhal region

Pages 77-87

younes rostamikia; reza siahmansour; Jaber Sharifi; hamid mohammadi

The most important pests in forests and Rangelands of Hormozgan province with emphasize on new pests

Pages 89-102

Fatemeh Koohpayma; Seyed Mousa Sadeghi; Abdoolnabi Bagheri; Nasser Farrar; Seyed Reza Golestaneh; Mohammad Ebrahim Farashiani; Mousa Sadeghi Bahmani

Over looking Iranian Nature

The flora and vegetation of Soffeh Mountain in the south of Isfahan

Pages 123-133

Azadeh Akhavan Roofigar; massoud Borhani

Rare and Endangered Plant Species of Iran

The conservation status of the endemic species Scrophularia ispahanica

Pages 145-149

Azadeh Akhavan Roofigar; Ziba Jamzad; - -

The conservation status of Nepeta balouchestanica Jamzad & Ingr.

Pages 151-155

Hadi Darroudi; Yosef Ajani; Ziba Jamzad; Adel Jalili



Pages 39-39

Photos of Iran Nature

Kermanshah- Ravansar

Pages 5-4

Moslem Azimi


Pages 40-40

Maryam Farahi

Alborz- Taleghan

Pages 50-50

Sara Pak Ravan

Ardabil- Neor Lake

Pages 64-64

Hossein Safdari

Tehran- Ahar

Pages 76-76

Ali Pour Ghorban

Qazvin- Ziaran

Pages 88-88

Hannaneh Jamshidian


Pages 122-122

masoud Borhani

Alborz- Baraghan

Pages 136-136

Elham Azimi Nia

Mazandaran province

Pages 150-150

Nafise Adib

Alborz province-Taleghan

Pages 162-162

Vahid Mollamohammadi



Pages 165-165