Volume & Issue: Volume 7, Issue 6 - Serial Number 37, January and February 2023 

Scientific Views

Iranian Rangelands' condition

Pages 7-16

Hossein Arzani

Effects of climate change on the distribution of Bromus tomentellus

Pages 17-25

Morteza Khodagholi; Javad Motamedi; Razie Saboohi

Destruction of Populus caspica natural habitats in the riverside Hyrcanian forests of and strategies to get out of it

Pages 27-38

Pedram Ghadiripour; Farhad Asadi; Moslem Akbarinia; Omid Esmailzadeh; Abbas Ghamari Zare

Scientific Letters

A Review of biology of Box tree moth in forests of northern Iran

Pages 39-46

Samira Farahani; Mohammad Ebrahim Farashiani; Farzaneh Kazerani; Mina Kouhjani-Gorji; Seyed Naghi Khaleghi Trujeni

Challenging Talks

Restoration and development of Iran's forests, Part II: Review of past programs and future prospects

Pages 79-98

Ahmad Rahmani; Naghi Shabanian; Kamran Pour Moghaddam; Adel Jalili; Mehdi Pourhashemi

Over looking Iranian Nature

Mishineh-Marg Mt., one of the highest mountains in the east of Central Alborz with diverse and rich flora

Pages 103-115

Mohammad Amini Rad; Amir Hossein Pahlevani

Rare and Endangered Plant Species of Iran

The conservation status of Ranunculus dalechanensis: an endemic species

Pages 127-132

Nastaran Jalilian; Mostafa Paykani; Habibollah Rahimi; Ziba jamzad; Adel Jalili



Pages 100-101

Photos of Iran Nature

from leaf to snow- Medical plants collection

Pages 4-5

Assieh Shamekhi

Guilan province

Pages 26-26

Maryam Hosseini

Mazandaran province

Pages 60-60

Hossein Safdari

Kermanshah province

Pages 126-126

Seyyed Reza Safavi