Volume & Issue: Volume 5, Issue 5 - Serial Number 24, November and December 2020, Pages 1-160 



Pages 1-1

Long-lived trees of Kermanshah province (part one, Forest long-lived trees)

Pages 81-99

Yahya Khodakarami; Masoumeh Khanhasani; Mostafa Khoshnevis

Challenging Talks

Investigating the role of gene banks in preserving the country's genetic resources

Pages 101-115

Ahmad Rahmani; Ziba Jamzad; Mohammad Jafar Aghaei; Behzad Sorkhi; Behnam Hamzehee

Over looking Iranian Nature

Ecological characteristics of Potamogeton-communities in the mountainous wetlands of Ardabil province

Pages 119-125

Jaber Sharifi; Adel Jalili; Farzaneh Azimi Motem

Rare and Endangered Plant Species of Iran

The conservation status of Phlomis lurestanica

Pages 135-141

Mohammad Mehrnia; Ziba Jamzad; Adel Jalili

The conservation status of Leutea polyscias (Boiss.) M. Pimenov

Pages 143-149

Ayoub Moradi; Masoud Amin Amlashi; Baba Khanjani Shiraz; Ziba Jamzad; Adel Jalili



Pages 116-117

Photos of Iran Nature

Gilan Province

Pages 4-5

Sina Ghavami


Pages 30-30

Yousef Ahmadian

Alborz Province

Pages 42-42

Vahid Mollamohammadi


Pages 68-68

Hosein Safdari


Pages 100-100

Asieh Shamekhi


Pages 118-118

Narges Bahrami

Gilan Province

Pages 128-128

Amin Sad Abad

Alborz Province

Pages 142-142

Ali Pourghorban


Pages 154-154

Ali Mirahmadi

Alborz Province, Prachan village

Pages 160-160

Seid Hajar Eftekhari